Meet Your Realtor:

As the wife of a former Service Member, born and raised in Germany and mother of three teenagers (one of which has special needs) Susanna has live in many locations through America and Europe. It was no accident that she ended up and settled in Colorado Springs... the beauty of the mountains and the chance to explore the wilds appealed to the entire family!

Susanna and "Her" Buyers:

For some, real estate might be just a business, but for Susanna it is the deep desire to help buyers find their 'dream' and with that, happiness in living in such a beautiful place. Having moved so many times herself she is intimately familiar with concerns of buyers looking for a home. Think of her as your "Real Estate GPS." You tell her where you want to go and what you are looking for and she will guide you to your destination. The right property IS out there and making the RIGHT decision serves your best interest.

Susanna and "Her" Sellers

It is not news to anyone, that selling property has become challenging in the last few years, as the real estate market has adjusted to economic forces. Susanna will guide you through property preparation and advise you on staging your home and taking steps to getting the most value from your home. A comparative market analysis lets you look at houses that recently sold in your area, and will help you price your property based on its features, improvements and benefits. Since more than half of all buyers start their home search online, Susanna will provide an extensive online marketing strategy including an individual website for your property and marketing your property on social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and YouTube. These are online tools that buyers are continuously using to find houses throughout their search and your property should always be visible.

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