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Sellers Listing Checklist {home selling}

Posted by Susanna Haynie on September 21, 2013
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Home Sellers checklistYou are ready to sell your home! Realtor interviews are set up and you have your questions ready. However there will be questions that you, the seller need to be ready to answer as well. It is best to assemble all the documents and information right away in order to be ready to list and move things forward swiftly. Start with these items: (for your convenience here is a downloadable, printable Sellers Listing Checklist)

  1. Have your most recent appraisal for ready for review (if available)
  2. Have your last mortgage statement ready
  3. Complete a list of your favorite features of the property
  4. Complete a list of all new (er) installed upgrades in the home.
  5. Assemble all information pertaining to the home:
  6. Instruction Manuals, receipts of improvements if applicable, certificates, guarantees, warranties, paint colors, supplier information etc
  7. Any documents referring to  taxes, special assessments other plans pertaining to house and neighborhood
  8. Have extra key(s) ready for the lock-box.
  9. Gather mortgage information and pay off amounts and any penalties.
  10. Copy of ILC or Survey if applicable
  11. Copy of a floor plan, if available
  12. Gather all Common Interest Community Documents from your HOA.
    • Party Wall Agreements
    • Minutes of the most recent Annual Owners’ Meeting (maybe online)
    • Minutes of any directors meetings within the past 6 months (maybe online)
    • Most recent financial documents (annual balance sheet, annual income and expenditure statement, annual budget, reserve study )
  13. Complete Sellers Property Disclosure Form . This form will be provided by agent for your home – however here is the form so you can familiarize yourself with it.
  14. If the home is a rental or any part of it is rented – copy of any leases
  15. If you have leased items in your home that will convey, have copy of the lease documents available as well.

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