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Category Archives: Colorado Springs

How to Identify The Best Valued Properties

How to Identify the Best Value Properties

May 28, 2018
This article won’t always be accurate, as you might know, the Colorado Springs market changes almost daily. B [more]
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Calculating figures on calculator with notations on income on a pad with a pen

Overlooked Recordkeeping

May 09, 2018
Overlooked Recordkeeping Homeowners are familiar with the fact that they can deduct the interest and property taxes [more]
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Home Inspection Insights and Tips

Home Inspection Insights for Colorado Spring...

May 06, 2018
A home inspection might seem like a simple topic to address. However, the more you look into it, you can get caught [more]
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Home Sellers Frequently Asked Questions night sky image

Home Seller’s Frequently Asked Questio...

May 02, 2018
Well, if it’s time to sell your home, have we got ANSWERS for you! In the next few moments, we will answer yo [more]
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Summer in the Springs

Summer in Colorado Springs

May 02, 2018
Warmer Weather: Summer! Summer is right around the corner in Colorado Springs so we have compiled a list of 47 idea [more]
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Fresh Oranges - Colorado Springs Farmers Markets

Colorado Springs Farmers Markets

Apr 20, 2018
Starting in May and through the late fall, you can experience wonderful outdoor Farmers Markets all over the city o [more]
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Real Estate by numbers

Colorado Springs Real Estate By Numbers

Apr 15, 2018
Colorado Springs Real Estate by the numbers I already covered the March Real Estate statistics, but the numbers bel [more]
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Colorado Springs Weather

Colorado Springs Weather

Apr 10, 2018
Weather Southern California has pretty great weather, but I would argue our beautiful Colorado Springs has some of [more]
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Colorado Springs Real Estate Stats

Colorado Springs Real Estate Market March 20...

Apr 08, 2018
Local Real Estate Statistics for March 2018 I will sound like a broken record that, inventory is still sinking and [more]
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Old Home Glory - Preparing to purchase a vintage home

Old Home Glory: Preparing to Purchase a Vint...

Apr 04, 2018
Have you ever driven through the historic part of a city and swooned over the gorgeous, vintage homes? The beautifu [more]
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Cream colored painted front of home for sale entrance with brown picket fence and American flag

Gold Hill Mesa Townhome Available -under con...

Apr 04, 2018
Gold Hill Mesa Townhome listed for Sale Beautiful, great view, Westside home, and under $300,000!! This home is a n [more]
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Colorado Springs Activities and things to do

Things To Do This Spring

Mar 28, 2018
 Ready, Set, Spring(s) things to do So, it snowed in Colorado Springs yesterday, on March 27th. BUT, there is hope, [more]
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