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Modern Architectural Styles in Colorado Homes

Most of us are well aware of the housing boom that Colorado Springs is experiencing right now. Large master-planned communities and neighborhoods are springing up so fast, that if you avoid a certain area for more than a month, you may not recognize it the next time you drive by! However, what is most exciting,…
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20 Fall Activities Near Colorado Springs

Every year, around August 15, I can sense a slight shift in the air. While the temperatures may say that it is still summer, there is something subtly different in the air that lets me know Autumn is quickly approaching. While I'm a bit sad that the sizzle and excitement of summer are beginning to…
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Top Ten Colorado Springs Boutiques

There is a Small Business Boom in Colorado Springs right now.  It ranges from craft beer, coffee shops, cafes, boutiques, or any number of other creative, entrepreneurial ventures. With so many excellent options, I rarely leave town for shopping or dining. In regards to shopping, there are dozens of Colorado Springs boutiques all over the city,…
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Neighborhoods up in Black Forest, Colorado

Black Forest, Colorado is a bit of an anomaly in the Pikes Peak region. In a place where the Great Plains greet the rugged Rocky Mountains, there suddenly appears a large gathering of Ponderosa Pines so closely grouped together that it is reminiscent of a giant raft of ants floating on water. In like manner, the…
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Neighborhoods in Eastern Colorado Springs

When most folks think of Colorado Springs, they envision mountains. Everything about our city focuses on the majestic peak that casts its shadow over us and mesmerizes its residents and visitors alike. However, it is not all about the mountains. Turn around, and one faces the grandeur and awe of miles and miles of the High…
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CANCELED/ SOLD – Luxurious Home in Gold Hill Mesa For Sale

The Gold Hill Mesa Neighborhood: Gold Hill Mesa is a unique Colorado Springs neighborhood where community is a main focus. It's officially called a "Traditional Neighborhood Development" and it's surprising just how much goes into a community friendly design. There is lots of green space in Gold Hill Mesa. Those are gathering places for residents…
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