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Real Estate by numbers

Colorado Springs Real Estate By Numbers

Apr 15, 2018
Colorado Springs Real Estate by the numbers I already covered the March Real Estate statistics, but the numbers bel [more]
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Colorado Springs Real Estate Stats

Colorado Springs Real Estate Market March 20...

Apr 08, 2018
Local Real Estate Statistics for March 2018 I will sound like a broken record that, inventory is still sinking and [more]
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Old Home Glory - Preparing to purchase a vintage home

Old Home Glory: Preparing to Purchase a Vint...

Apr 04, 2018
Have you ever driven through the historic part of a city and swooned over the gorgeous, vintage homes? The beautifu [more]
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Picture of rocks and a juniper bush with a half moon in the blue sky

The Top 4 Neighborhoods in Colorado Springs

Jan 21, 2018
THE TOP 4 NEIGHBORHOODS IN COLORADO SPRINGS With a population of over 465,000 people, Colorado Springs is the most [more]
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Microbreweries in Colorado Springs

Microbreweries in Colorado Springs

Jan 20, 2018
Colorado loves its beer. With 334 microbreweries, we produce 11.1 gallons of beer per adult – 5th in the nati [more]
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10 ways to have buyers flee your home

10 Ways To Have Buyers Flee your Home

Jan 15, 2018
The real estate world is full of horror stories of bad home showings. What some of us consider as common sense rega [more]
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About Discount realtor websites

Discount Real Estate Websites – How mu...

Jan 08, 2018
Most people are aware that, for the most part, real estate commissions for Realtors® can be negotiated and vary in [more]
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Save on your 2017 taxes

Last Minute 2017 Tax Tips

Dec 30, 2017
  New tax changes have been announced all over the media. What does this mean for you? Wilklow and Associates [more]
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Funny things you see when you show homes

Real Estate That Makes You Chuckle – I...

Dec 28, 2017
I show a lot of houses, and every once in a while what I see makes me smile …or laugh out loud. Interesting t [more]
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Pikes Peak Regional Christmas Tree Program

Regional Christmas Tree Program [cut your ow...

Dec 21, 2017
Rocky Mountain Regional Christmas Tree Program To be Coloradoan: Go up into the mountains to cut your own Christmas [more]
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10 Colorado Gift Ideas

Show Your Colorado-Love With These 10 Gift I...

Dec 09, 2017
You don’t have to live in Colorado to LOVE Colorado! There is so much to do and enjoy in our amazing state (w [more]
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10 Colorado Sourced Gift Ideas for 2017

10 Colorado Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017

Dec 01, 2017
Each year we pick ten small businesses to recommend for possible Colorado Christmas gift ideas.  It is a privilege [more]
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