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The Distinctive Southwest Colorado Springs

Southwest Colorado Springs is an intriguing area of town and packed full of history. It is also where two extremes of living seem to coexist on top of each other. On the one hand, you have the opulence and luxury of the Broadmoor and Stratmoor areas; where palaces and mansions reach price points many of…
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North Colorado Springs

Northern Colorado Springs is an exciting place to live right now. So much is happening that it's hard to keep up. Just like the Woodmen-Powers Corridor, it is growing and changing at breakneck speed. On the other hand, unlike Woodmen-Powers, in addition to new neighborhoods popping up and old ones getting a makeover, North Colorado…
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Southeast Colorado Springs

Southeast Colorado Springs is one of the smaller areas of the city. It is composed of a large population of military families due to its prime location to bases and the airport. The southeast is also where a small section of town (at the northern edge where it blends with Central Colorado Springs) comprises low-income households…
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Central Colorado Springs

As I was preparing for this week's edition of Colorado Springs Neighborhoods by exploring the central part of the city I learned a few lessons: Colorado Springs has a "middle child." There ARE roads that lead to nowhere and have no exits. There is a hidden gem EVERYWHERE, and I found a beauty.   LOCATION…
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Downtown Colorado Springs and The Old North End Neighborhoods

Our series on Colorado Springs neighborhoods has been so much fun to write because every part of the city has something new to discover. So far I've presented the whimsical attributes of the Westside, explored the quiet, luxurious neighborhoods of the Northwest, admired the New Urban neighborhoods of the Woodmen-Powers Corridor and enjoyed the Mid-Century…
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NorthCentral Colorado Springs Neighborhoods

Living in NorthCentral Colorado Springs Neighborhoods Exploring the city of Colorado Springs, I feel like I'm continually discovering the Land of the Lost. Amazing places and hidden adorable neighborhoods. This week I'll introduce you the area of town with one of the highest concentrations of population. According to most maps, this area of the city…
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