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Your Home, Staged Well

With a robust housing market in Colorado and around the nation, several folks are jumping on the bandwagon by selling their homes with hopes of a good profit. Undoubtedly, an upmarket is always helpful when selling a home, yet, it is still important to make certain you are doing everything on your part to maximize…
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Adding A Spouse or Child To Your Home Title

Jack and Jill are married, but only Jack's name is on the home title. The mortgage is in his name as well.  This is because Jack had the largest income and the best credit score when they bought the house. Jill had gone through a divorce several years prior and, subsequently, also had to file…
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2017 Home Design Trends

If you're like me, you probably love to watch home shows on tv that highlight celebrity designers and flippers as they transform old, dilapidated homes into a stunning space any of us would envy.  Those inspiring shows coupled with the approach of Spring summons many of us to take a look at our personal spaces and…
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Mortgages For Small Business Owners

Being self-employed or a small business owner is a wonderful blessing with many benefits. Such as being able to pursue a dream, create something with your hands,  be your boss, or have the flexibility to work from home. Many aspire to be self-employed and those who are, love the personal and professional satisfaction it brings.…
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Ten Reasons and Tips For Buying A Duplex

Investing in real estate is usually a great way to increase wealth and generate passive income. Yet I would bet most people don't even consider it because they assume it is not possible for them. With a little planning and savvy house hunting, it might be easier than you realize to get started in real…
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Colorado Homestead Exemption Program

When I hear the word, Homestead, I think of early settlers running across the Midwest plains on foot, on a horse, or by wagon, looking for a plot of land to stake and claim as their own. A total of 10% of U.S. land was snatched up by and given to, our predecessors. Free land to expand the…
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