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Spring Cleaning Tips and Lists

As much as I love the soothing voice of Andy Williams, I'd have to say that SPRING is the Most Wonderful Time Of The Year. With the birds singing, sun shining, buds blooming, and the grass greening up - it makes me want to throw the windows open and do a little Julie Andrews dance…
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Colorado Springs Neighborhoods: Westside

Colorado Springs Neighborhoods: Westside Geographically the "Westside" should be anything west of I-25, regardless of it's location (North or south -westside), however, you'll find that many folks are referring to the "westside" anything that is west of I-25 (so that's still accurate) around and south of Gardens of the Gods Road and North of -lets be…
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Top Picks For Summer Activities Near Colorado Springs

Spring. It's a time of awakening and anticipation for the excitement of Summer and the activities that abound for everyone. There are so many, in fact, that it can be hard to decide what to do. For every decision to participate in one activity, there is a dozen more to miss out on. The beautiful…
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Condo For Sale In Gold Hill Mesa

Dare I say that Gold Hill Mesa on Colorado Springs' Westside is one of the most desirable neighborhoods. How come? For one, it is one of the very few new subdivisions west of I-25. It was started in 2007, has survived the recession and is now in "smoking hot" demand.....all that said, the low inventory…
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House Hunting Do’s and Don’ts

House hunting can be absolutely thrilling! It is so exciting to experience a new place and a fresh start. Our excitement sometimes conjures up fantasies of Fixer Upper-style rooms and decor. And sometimes our imaginations, left unchecked, can result in learning the hard way that what we want and what we can afford are at…
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Fishing Spots in the Rio Grande National Forests

#outtherecolorado I am an outdoor enthusiast and I live in one of the greatest states for my kind of outdoor fun. Not surprising that I subscribed to Colorado Outdoors, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s magazine. There is a Fishing and Hunting Guide, special edition and  6 magazine for a total of $13. Order HERE. However, it might surprise you…
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